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We show your ad on our website so that you can reach more people interested in your services and products in the textile and embroidery sector and find new customers!

How does it work?

Currently our website is visited by a public from a sectorized market, which includes entrepreneurs who started their own business; small companies, local businesses and all those interested in the world of embroidery and are interested in downloading our designs.

That is why this is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to show your products and services related to the textile and embroidery world! And to be able to reach more people interested in your brand.

You just have to send us an image advertising your products or services, choose the pack that best suits your business objectives, tell us in which section of our website you want us to show your brand and that’s it!

We take care of publishing your ad on our website and ensuring that you get real results.

Why advertise with us?

chose your pack and start showing your brand!

Impressions (CPM) Pack

CPM is a term that in Digital Advertising means
Costo por mil: the amount an advertiser pays a website per one thousand visitors who see its advertisements.

This means that with the Impressions Pack you will only pay for every 1000 impressions of your ad. This model will adapt well to your business if you want to improve your brand awareness and obtain concrete results in the short term.


Extended Time Pack

Do you want to show your ad for a certain time? This pack is for you. From 15 days to a year: you choose how long you want to have your ad published. Attract more visitors and position your brand above the competition!


Sponsored Content Pack

Do you want to show a specific product or service? Choose this option and we will publish quality content on our blog, recommending your brand and directing users to your website.


Newsletter Pack

We have a database of more than 20,000 users belonging to the textile and embroidery industry. With the hiring of this pack, we will add your products or services in our weekly newsletter. Our audience will receive your message in their inbox!